Everlyne Achieng’ is the Co-Founder of Uthabiti App and a finalist doctor-on-training particularly interested in health policies and leadership. I believe in being flexible to change especially in the health sector. The digital world is both innovative and transformative. This is how Uthabiti was born; we wanted to influence change in the health sector. Through Uthabiti App patients on chronic diseases like cancer can comfortably purchase legitimate drugs online and enjoy on-door deliveries with the convenience of consulting a specialized doctor.

I have a passion for Nuclear Medicine. This is a field that uses radionuclides for diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Data from Ministry of Health shows that cancer is the number one cause of mortality in Kenya, having surpassed Malaria. With support from Equra Health, we took the initiative to push for a proposal that saw Western Kenya receive the 1st Radiotherapy machine in 2017. This advanced machine will be used to cure about 30% of people suffering from cancers in Western Kenya. The same year I was elevated to the level of Vice President to the African Young Generation in Nuclear(AYGN). My role is to strengthen African National Chapters, promote trainings, assist governments in planning of its programs and building of partnerships with established world nuclear organisations.

As the African Representative to the Medical Students for Social Responsibility (MSSR) an affiliate organisation to the International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW). We are majorly involved in enforcing peace and health policies at the community level in Africa. We are particularly interested in prevention practices and management of both communicable and non-communicable diseases among vulnerable communities. Among our global roles include prevention of nuclear war through international signing of control arms treaty and also support of sanctions to countries who threaten international peace. We also participate in Medical Peace Work; we instill the spirit of tolerance and brotherhood among warring communities by training them on peace and reconciliation while still providing relief medical services.

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